1000 Calf Raises Per Day Challenge…You In??


About three weeks ago, I read an article by popular trainer Obi Obadike in which he answered the question “How Can I Improve My Vertical Jump”.  One thing he recommended was 1,000 calf raises each day.  According to a magazine he read, a young Shaquille O’Neal did 1,000 calf raises before bed each night to increase his vertical jump, and ended up increasing it by supposedly 12 inches!

I have been able to grab the rim since I was a teenager (no bragging intended), but I was never a dunker.  Now, as I approach 30, I figure that I could still do it.  Why not, you know?  1,000 calf raises is a lot at once of course, but starting in January my plan is to do them in the following manner:

100 every hour for 10 hours

=>100/4=25 calf raises every 15 minutes

My goal is to do this for the whole month of January, and then at the end, I will perform a dunking test to see if I have increased my ‘ups.’

You in?

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8 Responses to “1000 Calf Raises Per Day Challenge…You In??

  • travis Mcclendon
    4 years ago

    Im in for the challenge!!!

    • Cool man! Like I said, I’m starting in January; The 1st specifically. Wanna see if I can definitely dunk afterwards.

      • I read that too about Shaq. How did the challenge go, can you dunk now??

        • Well, I did the challenge for a month, and never really tested it out :(. To be honest, to do that challenge justice, I need to do it again.

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