A “Bored” Mind for a Healthy Body

A friend of my wife’s posted what I thought was a great article on her blog concerning the mind.

Before I cut to the post, the reason I thought to post it on YourHealthAtTheCrossroads.com is because I firmly believe that…

You cannot have a fully healthy body unless your mind is healthy.

And the truth is that we live in a world that is so busy, so scheduled, and so fast that our brains can’t really keep up.  Electronic devices encourage us to multitask while promising to save us time.  Instead, they encourage us to fill our brains with more stuff, most of which is unnecessary and unimportant.

Regardless of how well any of us does with multitasking, I’m pretty much convinced that much multitasking is an inefficient way to use our minds, and it too easily leads to body damaging stress.

You can see that I’m passionate about this stuff, so before I get on a soapbox, here’s the post.

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