7 Bible Reasons to Eat Less Meat

I believe that a healthy lifestyle involves not eating a lot of meat.  Modern day science points to the accuracy of this claim, and from personal experience, eating less meat helps me feel lighter, less tired, and just healthier overall.

And while the bible does not have any commandment against eating meat (except for certain kinds according to levitical law), there is a good bit in the bible that might make you consider the quantity of meat you eat.  Especially in our society.  Consider these 7 points as possible reasons to eat less meat:

  1. Plant food is the original food for mankind; meat was not allowed by God until somewhere around 1000 years later, approximately, after the flood
  2. God sustained His people on manna as they traveled through the wilderness, although they complained about the lack of meat
  3. Meat was a sign of wealth; cheap supermarket meat was not even close to being a reality
  4. It was much more common – and necessary – for folks to hunt for their own meat
  5. Meat marked special occasions, such as offerings and feasts
  6. Sidestepping meat can help you be more considerate and loving toward your vegetarian friends
  7. You know in your heart of hearts that you are greedy with meat

It is common in our society for meat to be consumed at least three times each day, which is obviously a far cry from how things were in biblical times.  When you plan your meals this week, I encourage you to consider these bible points.  Your body will thank you for it, I’m sure.

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