Why Buy “13 Things?”


Many of you know that I just released my first book titled “13 Things to Stop Believing to Become Healthy and Lose Weight” this week.

If you didn’t know, now you know. 😉

So Why Should I Be Interested in Buying Your Book?

I personally believe that you should consider purchasing this book.  However, if you’re like me, you don’t just buy something because somebody says you should.  You require a good reason first.

That said, I want to submit to you a few reasons to consider purchasing this book:

  1. You can’t seem to break a weight loss plateau – Who out there has experienced when you stop losing weight and nothing that you do allows you to overcome it?  Pretty frustrating stuff.  This book can give you ideas on how to bust through that irritating plateau.
  2. You feel like you’re missing something or you’re confused – In other words, you’ve read plenty of other books and resources on losing weight, but instead of being more clear, you feel even more puzzled about what to do.  This book gives you practical steps so that you can know exactly what to do.
  3. You feel powerless to control your health – Your thought is that your health is up to chance, and that nothing you can do will make you any healthier.  This book will show you how you indeed can be empowered to improve and maintain your own health.
  4. You have a mobile device – This book is an eBook, so you can read it on your tablet or your smart phone.
  5. You like quick reads – While this book is packed with helpful info, it can easily be read in about a week, give or take depending on your reading speed.  You can also refer back to it anytime as your own personal health manual.
  6. You have $3.50 – Yep, you can buy this book at about the price of a combo meal at a fast food restaurant. You probably should buy this book instead of that combo meal…Hey, I’m just saying.

Consider this book as a really cheap but high performing stock.  $3.50 for a resource that’s going to help you reap dividends in health for a lifetime?  Sounds like a good investment to me.



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