He Beat Diabetes AND High Blood Pressure

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I came across an article on the Crossfit website that I wanted to share with you.  The story is about a man who beat Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

I don’t think you heard me.  He beat Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.  He didn’t just manage it – like we’re often told is our only option.  He got rid of them.  No symptoms.  No medication.  All of that was gone.

Here’s a link to the abbreviated story, and there’s a PDF on the same page that leads to the full length story.

Please hear me when I say that just because you’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes or High Blood Pressure doesn’t mean that you have to take medication all of your life.  It will be that way only if you believe it has to be.

The truth is that each of these very common diseases is caused by our American/western lifestyles, and if we focus on reversing a lot of what we’ve been doing, a lot of times we can reverse the diseases too.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

But again, you can only experience a reversal of these diseases if you believe that it’s possible.

I wrote about reversing Diabetes and High Blood Pressure in the books below.  If you’re dealing with either, I promise that these are worth your time to read.  I want to see you healthy and free from unnecessary disease.  Do you?

Diabetes Cover 2HBP Cover 2

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