High Blood Pressure is a Lifestyle Disease…and That’s a Good Thing

A few months ago, I was doing some research for a presentation and came across the term “lifestyle disease.”  I’d heard the term before and sorta already understood what it meant, but the magnitude of it all hit me when I read how it is defined online…

Lifestyle disease – A disease associated with the way a person or group of people lives (from medicinenet.com)

In other words, any disease that is classified as a lifestyle disease is essentially understood to be associated with what you and I do every day…not by some external factor, but by our own actions.

I can hear some folks asking me the question, “Ok, so what’s good about high blood pressure being a lifestyle disease?

The reason why it is a good thing that high blood pressure, among many others, is a lifestyle disease is this.  If you have high blood pressure, chances are that something about your lifestyle contributed to it.  If your lifestyle caused you to develop high blood pressure…

…that means that you have habits that you can correct,

…which means that high blood pressure is not totally out of your control,

…and it means that there’s more that you can do about high blood pressure aside from taking medicine the rest of your life, and finally,

…it means you have a chance to BEAT high blood pressure.

I recently wrote an eBook about high blood pressure (some of you already know) and learned a lot of things that gave me hope for you.  Although high blood pressure can definitely do damage to the body, based on my research it is one of the diseases that is most responsive to the right diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

I didn’t just make this up, though.  Many popular medical websites support this, as well as medical studies that I referenced in my book which had some pretty excitings findings…like how, for example, only 30-60 minutes of exercise significantly lowered the blood pressures of previously sedentary folks with moderate hypertension.  No more than one hour a week of exercise had a big difference!

I’ve written about all of this in my latest book (available for Amazon Kindle only), What YOU Can Do About High Blood Pressure.

HBP Cover 2I’ve also included two links to PDFs that give you cooking advice and tips, as well as guide you through a 4-Week plan that helps you implement the blood pressure strategies I’ve written about.

Not only that, but I’ve also included a link in the book that gives you the option of subscribing to receive the 4-Week Plan in your e-mail inbox.  You get an e-mail every week for 4 weeks which guides you through the plan, step-by-step.  I did this because I really want to help you succeed.

High blood pressure is not a death sentence…it’s your body crying for what it needs.  Will you respond to it?

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