How to Banish the Dreaded “Double Chin”

According to CNN, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved a drug that can get rid of chin fat. In other words, it can eliminate the dreaded “double chin.”

The drug, called Kybella, is deoxycholic acid, which is the same acid that the body apparently utilizes to absorb body fat. The drug is administered by injection directly into the chin area. Apparently, the drug is relatively successful.

Only One Other Way to Lose Chin Fat?

One thing I saw in the article was the following statement:

“Currently, the only other way to delete your double chin is to have surgery, having the fat removed with traditional liposuction.”

So in other words, if you have accumulated extra fat in your chin area, the ONLY other way for you to get rid of it is to have it surgically sucked from your chin.  The only other way?

Nah, man.

Based on my experience as a personal trainer and with losing fat, I must disagree with that. There is another way to lose the double chin, and I believe that it’s a better way.

The Other, BETTER Way to Lose Chin Fat

If you have chin fat that you want to get rid of, the other alternative to an injection or to liposuction is good old fashioned diet and exercise. This alternative isn’t as glamorous or quick, and likely isn’t what some want to hear, but IT WORKS.

See, one thing that the drug and surgery methods fail to address is the overall health aspect. When one has extra fat in the chin region, most likely that is not the only region where fat has accumulated. Fat deposits over the whole body, and where it accumulates is determined somewhat from our genes (which is why some accumulate more in the stomach, or more in the hips and thighs). Having extra body fat like that is unhealthy for the body, and by removing chin fat, the overall problem of extra body fat is not addressed.

Secondly, when we have extra fat, most of the time we accumulate it by unhealthy habits such as eating the wrong foods, eating too much, and living sedentary lives. Drugs and surgery do not address the bad habits that must be changed for us to achieve better health

Exercise and diet changes will help you lose fat, not only on your chin, but on the rest of your body, too. As you progress, your body gradually burns fat from all regions of the body.

In my personal experience, when I embark on losing extra body fat, I lose it first in my face, neck and appendages (arms and legs), and eventually from my abdominal region. As I said before, it will vary somewhat from person to person, but I imagine that chin fat would be one of the first sites of weight loss for many people out there.

The process is slower, but it’s more comprehensive, and increases your health by lowering your weight, strengthening your heart, and strengthening other muscles, too.

Health Versus Looks

At the end of the day, I believe that the issue at hand is Health vs. Looks. Will we choose methods of weight loss that make us look better as fast as possible and allow us to skip hard work, or will we dig in and change the bad habits that make us unhealthy and ultimately become better people in every sense?

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