Interview with Pavel Rudometkin of The Fortress

I had the privilege of interviewing Pavel Rudometkin from popular bodyweight fitness YouTube channel “The Fortress.”

Many of you may know that I also approach training from a bodyweight fitness perspective, but what you may not know is that Pavel was one of the few who inspired me a few years ago to shift my focus to calisthenics.

His YouTube channel is a big inspiration for me, and not only from a physical standpoint, but from a spiritual one as well.

Often, when we decide to take care of ourselves, culture encourages us to do so from an almost purely physical standpoint (how many inches I can lose, will I be able to see my abs, will I be ready for the beach, etc.).

Pavel, in my opinion, does a great job of approaching fitness and health with a sense of purpose.  He helps to drive home the point that our health and fitness in this temporal state of being on earth actually do have eternal implications.

Questions Asked

My interview questions for Pavel were as follows:

Why is your faith in God so important in what you do?
Why do you believe health and fitness is important for the church?
Any new moves that you’re learning now?
Anything else new coming up soon with The Fortress?
Have you always had the determination and perseverance you show when you learn new moves?
Had you ever considered being a gymnast?

Pavel’s Websites and Social Media
Instagram: thef0rtress
Twitter: thef0rtress
Facebook: thef0rtress

(Unfortunately, a significant portion of the interview was lost due to a malfunction of the recording software, but most of the interview was retained. Also, later on in the video, for some reason there was an audio delay on my side that sometimes caused our voices to be mixed up.)


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