Liberia Now “Ebola-free”, but Africa Isn’t

I heard yesterday on NPR that the World Health Organization was prepared to announce that Liberia was free of Ebola after not having detected any new cases for over a month.  Glory to God! 🙂

You might recall when I did a post in November about the Ebola crisis in West Africa when the situation looked particularly dire and Ebola threatened to spread in the US  According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, Liberia had over 10,000 total cases of Ebola since March 2014, and over 4,000 deaths (~40% mortality).  So, although I imagine that this is a joyous time for Liberians, it also must be a very sorrowful time as families continue to cope with lost family members.

How Soon We Forget

Although my wife and I have continued to give towards helping the West African region overcome the Ebola crisis, I admittedly haven’t thought and prayed a lot about it since it has largely vanished from the news, and I feel somewhat ashamed for it.

It’s so easy to forget, man.  We’re blessed in this country with various medical advances and a well developed infrastructure, and it’s so easy to take that for granted.  When a couple of cases surfaced on our soil, our country panicked, naturally, but after things began to die down, it no longer made big news headlines, which made it easy to forget.

But if we lived in Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea, we wouldn’t forget.

Remember West Africa

I don’t mean to guilt-trip anyone.  Seriously, I personally know that I could do much better with praying for that region.  All I intend to do is to encourage you and anyone else who reads my blog to at least be mindful of West Africa.  Pray for them.  Give to organizations that continue to do work in Sierra Leone and Guinea, where new cases continue to surface (although, thank God, they’ve decreased greatly in frequency).  Think about them when you realize that our country has not dealt with such a tragic epidemic.

It isn’t enough for us to simply be glad that Ebola didn’t spread here.  Let’s at least be mindful of West Africa and help however we can!

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