My Journey to 1000 Chin-ups and 1000 Dips Per Day – #10 and #11

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Welcome to the 10th post of my 1000 chin-ups/dips journey!  It hasn’t been perfect, but we’re definitely moving along.  I missed a post last week, so I am just continuing on with this week while posting my pics from both weeks.

First, let’s do a comparison of my stats from the very first post of this series up to last week:

Chin-up Goal

Day 1 – 100

Last Week – 200 (which I am definitely getting with dips, and not quite with chin-ups, but there is a reason)

Dip Goal

Day 1 – 100

Last Week – 200


Day 1 – 179.0 lbs

Last Week – 182.4 lbs (a 3.4 lb intentional gain in approximately 9 weeks)


Day 1 – 10.6

Last Week – ?? (I won’t take it again until the results are more visible, since I use calipers which are so-so with accuracy)

Water Goals

Day 1 – 11 cups/day

Last Week – 8 cups/day (I have decided to not strive for 11 cups after reading a post from Dr. Ben Kim encouraging that we focus on what our bodies are asking for.  I am not necessarily thirsty enough for 11 cups of water)

I definitely gained weight as I desired, and my reps for chin-ups and dips have gone up as well.  However, I have done much better with dips than chin-ups.  Let me explain.

Chin-ups are a much more demanding exercise than dips, requiring that you move your body over a greater distance than dips require.  And plus, I decided that the chin-ups I was doing were no longer adequate.  Now, in addition to making sure that I go all the way down with them, I am aiming to get my chest over the bar instead of just my chin.  This requires more action from the lower part of the triceps where it connects to the elbow joint.

And if it’s harder, that means it’s better.  My goal has been to focus less on getting the reps in if doing so means that I sacrifice form, because you can do all of your reps and sets but do them so sloppily that your muscles are still waiting for you to do some real work.  I’m not trying to be that person anymore.

Last Week’s Goals

Here’s what I aimed to do last week…

Goal #1:  Perform 200 Chin-ups and Dips each day, with three rest days (Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday).

Goal #2:  Drink 8 8oz cups of water each day.

Goal #3:  Practice Deep Breathing for at least 10 minutes a day

Goal #4:  Stretch well every night.

I did a little better with water this week than last week, and I pretty much did my deep breathing and stretching every night with little exception.  Chin-ups and dips were hard to complete due to lack of time, as well as a lack of efficient time management.

This week also marks the beginning of what I will call my “carving” phase, where I shed the excess body fat to reveal the muscle underneath, allowing me to transform in accordance with the #250KChallenge that I’m participating in from

What I Did Last Week

So here are my specific numbers for each day of last week, as well as notes on my reflections and feelings.

Saturday (2/6)

Chin-ups:  50

Dips:  100

Water:  6 cups

Weight:  182.4 lbs

BF%:  –

Deep Breathing for 10 mins?  Yes

BP (Blood Pressure):  –

Stretching:  Yes


Sunday (2/7)

Chin-ups:  REST

Dips:  REST

Water:  2 cups

Deep Breathing for 10 mins?  No

Stretching:  Yes

Notes:  Just a bad day, man.  I totally dropped the ball with my water, and I meant to get some exercise in, but…I blew it, in other words.

Monday (2/8)

Chin-ups:  REST

Dips:  REST

Water:  4 cups

Deep Breathing for 10 mins?  Yes

Stretching:  Yes

Notes:  Today was the day I officially switched up my diet to focus on losing fat.  Found myself really fighting for time.  Mondays and Wednesdays are just hard for me to get it in, due to bible study and other obligations.

Tuesday (2/9)

Chin-ups:  158

Dips:  200

Water:  4 cups

Deep Breathing for 10 mins? Yes

Stretching:  Yes


Wednesday (2/10)

Chin-ups:  REST

Dips:  REST

Water:  6 cups

Deep Breathing for 10 mins?  Yes

Stretching:  Yes

Notes:  I did a few sets of Pause Squats for my legs.

Thursday (2/11)

Chin-ups:  135

Dips:  180

Water:  5 cups

Deep Breathing for 10 mins?  No

Stretching:  No

Notes:  Really frustrated today…fighting for time.  But hey, something really is better than nothing.

Friday (2/12)

Chin-ups:  REST

Dips:  REST

Water:  5 cups

Deep Breathing for 10 mins?  Yes

Stretching:  Yes

Notes:  I did some excellent leg work today.

Materials Used to Help Me Reach My Goals

In this section, I share with you the things I’ve been using to help me reach my goals.  Because I train exclusively with calisthenics these days, I tend to not need much equipment, but I still have a couple of items that help me do what I have to do.

Portable Chin-up Bar – I’ve had my portable chin-up bar for at least 2-3 years now, and it holds up well.  When I first searched for one, I realized that there aren’t many out there.  This one does the job, and its portability allows me to put it up when I’m done, and to use it for training other people.  It is made by a company called Trapeze Rigging.

Portable Dip Bar – I’ve had my dip bar for almost 4 years, and it is great.  It’s hard to find somewhere to do dips when you aren’t at the gym unless you have the luxury of a nearby playground with parallel bars.  You can actually use it to do modified pull-ups as well.  It’s durable, easy to disassemble and stick under a bed, and is made by Ultimate Body Press.

Doorway Chin-up Bar – I use my indoor doorway bar when I didn’t get all my reps in on my portable chin-up bar in the garage.  It has held up surprisingly well over the past few years, and my only complaint is that it can wear out the door threshold a bit if you’re not careful.  Otherwise, it works great for chin-ups and pull-up variations.  Mine is made by Gold’s Gym, and honestly you can get it a lot cheaper by visiting Wal-Mart than by buying it offline.

Water Bottle – In my opinion, purchasing a stainless steel water bottle to carry your water in is the best way to get in all of your daily water requirement.  For one, you can avoid having to buy bottles all of the time (which helps conserve the earth’s resources, which is always good).  You just have to get something like a Brita pitcher (my wife and I have one) to keep the bottle filled up.  Second of all, you can carry it with you, so it reminds you to keep on drinking.  Thirdly, they’re quite durable.  They can get banged up, but it’s hard to put a whole in them.  My wife has me on these Klean Kanteen bottles.  At 27 ounces, I can fill mine up a little over 3 times and have all of my water in for the day.

Blood Pressure Monitor – A few years ago, I bought my own blood pressure monitor so that I could occasionally take readings at home.  My blood pressure had been reading high at the doctor’s office, but I knew that I didn’t have high blood pressure.  I was experiencing something referred to as “White Coat Hypertension (the doctor’s white coat…get it?).”  Anyway, my monitor is made by Microlife and is a manual one (where you squeeze the bulb to tighten the sleeve) and has worked well for me for several years.  This one is also made by Microlife, but it is automatic.  I could not find my model so I wanted to refer this one to you to give you a good idea of what I’m working with.

This Week’s Goals

Here are my goals for this new week

Goal #1:  Perform 200 Chin-ups and Dips each day.  Don’t plan to change until I get this for both exercises for at least three times.

Goal #2:  Drink 8 8oz cups of water each day.  Blew it again due to a lack of being intentional, plain and simple.

Goal #3:  Practice Deep Breathing for at least 10 minutes a day.

Goal #4:  Stretch well every night.  I’m starting to really get into the routine now.

I hope you’re motivated by following my very real journey to doing 1000 chin-ups and dips every day.  As you see, I succeed in reaching my weekly quotas sometimes, and sometimes I fail.  The hope is that with time, I succeed more than I fail, and see, that’s the way life is.  I encourage you to follow me as I do this thing, and If you’re not already a subscriber to this site and desire to be one, you can subscribe here.

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