We Picked This From Our Garden – 26 July


I picked these bell peppers from the backyard today.  As you see, I decided to take pictures of our hole-ly peppers, too.  I did that for two reasons:

  1. To show that gardening is not always about perfect vegetables; you do have “casualties”
  2. To show that we are not just going to the grocery store, and then taking pictures of their vegetables to try to just act like we garden

One day, I will post some more up-to-date pictures of our garden, but I would like to tame it a little more (lol) before that.  You really can grow some of your own food, man.  Why don’t you just consider it?  Maybe you can start with a couple of pots or something like that.

Also, for more inspiration I recommend you check out a site called One Hundred Dollars a Month.  The lady who runs the site goes by the alias “Mavis Butterfield”, and you should check out the pictures of her garden.  Really inspirational stuff.

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