And yet ANOTHER Reason to Hold Up with Artificial Sweetener

It seems to me that every so often something else comes out against artificial sweeteners.  You hear about some of them having the potential to cause cancer, some maybe contributing to neurological disorders…

And now, they are actually suspected of raising blood sugar levels, making them actually bad for diabetics who use them to lower their blood sugar levels.

Read this Israeli study which details findings on this contradictory study.  I feel like they explain it well enough, so I will not go in much depth myself.

Bottom Line…

Sugar is a problem.  Everyone knows that.  It reeks havoc on our hormones and blood sugar levels, makes it terribly easy to gain fat, and is as addictive (or more maybe…idk) than illegal drugs.

However, the solution is not and will not be a sugar replacement.  The solution is to wean yourself from the perceived need for sugar, except of course for those that naturally occur in fruits and vegetables.  This is the most beneficial route, and teaches us discipline that will help for a lifetime.  Replacements allow us to always have what we want (something we don’t want to let happen with our kids), and they always seem to have a catch.

Yes, this is easier said than done, but it is possible.  Trust me; your body will thank you for it.

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  • I just saw a news study about this today and came straight here. Ironic that you already told me to be careful. I’ll throw it out today

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