YHATC Winter Detox 2017

Winter Detox 2017

This page is set up for Your Health At The Crossroads subscribers who are participating in the 2017 YHATC Winter Detox, which is from Thursday, December 21st to Saturday, December 23rd.


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11 Responses to “YHATC Winter Detox 2017

  • What’s up, guys. This is Shawn from Your Health At The Crossroads. What I hope to get out of this detox is renewed energy, as well as decreased desire for bad foods after I finish. What about you?

    • Sha’Bria
      3 weeks ago

      Hello, this is Sha’Bria. What I hope to get out of this detox is just a good reset as well. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  • Bohdana
    4 weeks ago

    Hello, this is Bohdana. I’m excited about the winter detox as I’m hoping to do a much needed reset.

  • Hello, this is Melanie. I know how much better I feel when I’m eating clean and exercising. I also know how satisfying real food can be when I’m not eating garbage. So I’m looking forward to getting it out of my system and getting a physical reset 🙂

  • Hi This is Star. Im anticipating this detox and looking forward to reset, refresh, and renew as we approach the new year

  • Bohdana
    2 days ago

    Hi Shawn! I have a question regarding our fruit and veggie intake during the detox. Are there certain fruits and veggies we should avoid during the detox, ie. starchy vegs like carrots, zucchini, squash or higher sugar fruits like bananas, oranges and grapes? Also, are avocados allowed? Thanks!

    • Good question, Bohdana. For this detox, I wouldn’t suggest any certain fruits/vegetables to avoid; however, the main focus is to have raw vegetables (salads) and fruits, while consuming nothing processed. So if it is uncooked and it’s a plant food, for our intents and purposes, it’s cool. That means that avocadoes are fine, too.

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