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ShawnTrainingAtFitPlexI currently offer the following services:

Back to Basics Online Fitness Consulting (Signing up clients now for October 2016) – In this day and age, online personal training can be the next best thing to training in person.  If you’re a person who is currently struggling to achieve results in the gym, and you know that you need accountability to push you towards success, Back to Basics Fitness Consulting could be your answer.

Clients who consult with me do so for four weeks at a time, and will receive the following services:

  • A Workout Plan customized to your needs
  • FREE access to Trainerize, an app that allows you to mark your completed workouts as done from your cell phone
  • Food Journal monitoring
  • Unlimited E-mail Access to me
  • One Weekly 30 minute Phone Call to discuss your progress

B2B Fitness Consulting opens up only once every quarter (January, April, July, October), and space is limited.  If you are interested, send me an e-mail and I will forward you more information.  This could be the accountability you need to finally live the healthy life you’re entitled to live.

Ask Me for FREE (Subscribers Only) – Want to get some quick advice and tips from me about exercise, fat loss, and other related topics?  I invite you to call me so we can talk about it!  I will talk with you for up 10 minutes and provide you with tips that will keep you going on your health journey.  If you’re interested, e-mail me and we will schedule a time to talk.

About My Training

I am a certified personal trainer, with my credentials coming from the American Council on Exercise.  My specialty is bodyweight fitness, meaning that I use the following tools to train my clients:

Calisthenics (Push-ups, Pull-ups, Planks, Squats, etc. with variations)


Running (including jogging and up to sprints)

Static and Dynamic Stretches

Aside from maybe a pull-up bar, parallel bars and jumping boxes, I use almost no equipment.  Although I enjoy lifting weights and have nothing against weightlifting, I firmly believe that body weight is more than adequate to get my clients in excellent shape, whether we’re talking weight loss or muscle gain.



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