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2-24-15 Intro Column PicAlright.

If you came to this page, I assume that you want to find out more about me, Shawn.

And yes, I will tell you more about me, but my goal is to tell you about me by telling you what this site is all about.

Where “YourHealthAtTheCrossroads” Comes From

If you’re like me, when you think of being at a crossroads, you think of physically being at a place where two or more roads branch off in different directions.  What’s more, you imagine not knowing what will happen when you go down either road.

The cool thing, though, is that you get a clue of what each road will lead to by the signs that are posted up by the crossroads.  One sign may say “West St.”, and the other may say “North St.”  So even though you may not know what happens on each road, you can pretty well assume that “West St.” takes you west and “North St.” takes you north.

Well, I personally believe that you and I come to a health crossroads everyday of our lives.  One sign says “Life,” and the other, “Death.”  And the really messed up thing about all of this is, most of us choose the route of death every single day.

How do I know?  Two words:  LIFESTYLE DISEASE.

Lifestyle Disease

Lifestyle diseases include stuff like hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, various cancers and heart disease.  The reason why they’re called lifestyle diseases is because they result from the way we live.  You hear that?  From the way we live every single day!

I have known four people in my three decades of life who died from heart attacks.  I know of a few stroke victims and cancer victims as well.  I know many who struggle with high blood pressure, and I have known many to be maimed by the ravages of diabetes.

Guys, all of these are lifestyle diseases.  The way that our society leads us to live leads us towards all of these diseases.

So going back to my health crossroads analogy, you and I make decisions every single day that determine whether we head down the road of death or the road of life.  And this is where the purpose of what I do comes in.

My purpose with YourHealthAtTheCrossroads.com is to show folks like you and others who visit this site what it means to approach the health crossroads of life and choose life instead of death.  I personally have seen far too many folks needlessly suffer from diseases they don’t have to have, so I feel I must do something about it.

Yes, I am a certified personal trainer (with ACE) and I do train people, but what I do goes beyond that.  It goes way beyond just losing weight, and even beyond choosing the right foods.  The reason is because health involves not only food and exercise, but also stress levels, sleep, sunlight and fresh air, social interactions and so on.

My hope and prayer is to help you choose an overall lifestyle that leads you toward excellent quality and quantity of life that you simply won’t get if you just do what the world does.

Here’s the thing:  It’s hard to live healthy in the world.  Especially when fast food and junk food are everywhere, and when we are surrounded by busyness, a lack of community, environmental toxins and other difficulties.

Again, it’s hard to live healthy in this world…but it’s not impossible.  Let me help show you how.

Join Me

My motto is “My doctor is NOT responsible for my health…I AM.”  By this, I acknowledge that no one – not even my physician – is going to take care of me the way that I can take care of me.  It’s important that you and I be educated and discerning enough to do what’s right with our bodies.

My goal is to spread this motto to as many as I can.  See, when we rely on doctors, while there are many good ones out there, a lot of them unfortunately just prescribe pills which don’t deal with the root of a problem like the right lifestyle can.

And it’s time for you and I to stop putting our whole life in the hands of doctors because it’s not their job to try and mitigate the damage that we do to our bodies.  We must play our part!

I invite you to join the YourHealthAtTheCrossroads.com community today.  Every blog post, subscriber e-mail, and every book is carefully made to lead you towards life and not death.  Once you know what a healthy life really looks like, not only can you enjoy it, but you can also help someone else enjoy it too.

Let’s build this community.  Will you join?

DISCLAIMER:  The information on this website is based on my personal opinions, and is not meant to be a substitute for advice from a registered dietitian, nutritionist or doctor.  I am not a registered dietitian or a doctor.  I do not claim to cure any condition or disease with the information on this site.  You are advised to consult your doctor or physician before beginning any changes in diet or any exercise program.

11 Responses to “About Shawn

  • I love that this hits so close to home for me! I enjoy reading your post every Thursday!!

  • Your passion for all of this reminds me of a quote by Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

    Awesome that you’ve found something that makes you come alive, and that you’re willing to share it with all of us. Thanks for the great posts!

  • Odessa Patterson
    4 years ago

    Wow Shawn that’s an excellent story, you are truly blessed.. May you cont to workout stay in shape!! I’m so proud of you…. GB

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